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If you are looking for insight, divine inspiration and breakthrough in your business, you are in good company.  You are joining the kings and influencers of times past who looked to the prophets to bring wisdom and counsel.


What You Get

Imagine what one piece of divine inspiration could be worth to your business.  How one new product or idea can explode your bottom line.  Just think what it will be like to finally deal with some of the obstacles that have been holding you back, so you can achieve the breakthrough you have been dreaming of.  Business Breakthrough Consultations help you find the keys to breakthrough and success in business and in life.  

It is time to prosper!  Throw off the old mindset that has been holding you back and get ready to 10X or even 100X your profits!!  

What are you waiting for?


As you tap into fresh understanding & wisdom, you will unlock your potential and thrive.


Your will gain divine inspiration and ideas that will translate into direct results


Identify obstacles, get unstuck and move forward with purpose to achieve your mission.


Increase your profits in an ethical way.  Be successful and prosper. Make a difference in the world!

Alaric Hunt

Prophetic Consultant

Alaric has been in full time prophetic ministry for over 20 years and has encountered various mountains of difficulty that had the potential to hold him back. By overcoming rejection and moving into a place of confidence in his identity, Alaric made the transition out of a poverty mindset into financial breakthrough.

Alaric is a business owner with experience in training and mentoring individuals and teams in both secular and church arenas. 

He is a sought after speaker and prophetic consultant and is the founder of Spirit Life Academy.  This is an online hub which delivers faith based courses, mentoring programmes and prophetic consultations.  Spirit Life Academy is also the home of a thriving community of individuals from all walks of life, dedicated to fulfil their purpose & mission in life.

Alaric has travelled extensively overseas and helped hundreds of people from many different cultures, ages and backgrounds to get breakthrough in their lives. Alaric can help you get unstuck and achieve breakthroughs in the following areas: 

  • Stepping into your true identity and destiny
  • ​Overcoming fear, shame or rejection
  • ​Getting past ceilings on your prophetic words
  • ​Receiving upgrades in ministry, business and finance

Business Is Like A Tree

The prophet Jeremiah said: '...blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in Him. He is like a tree planted by the waters that sends out its roots toward the stream. It does not fear when the heat comes, and its leaves are always green. It does not worry in a year of drought, nor does it cease to produce fruit

Your business is like that tree.  It starts with a seed of an idea and it is planted in fertile ground.  First it sends out roots to find water & nourishment for growth.  Next a single stem will break the surface and focus is required to help establish that strong trunk and the branches that support growth.  There may be challenges during this growth period and your tree must be able to adapt and diversify in order to thrive.  Your business may be thrown about by the elements, storms and drought or unfavourable winds may blow.  Your tree needs to be strong in order to branch out and bear fruit in every season. 

The leaves of the tree are the people that are important in your business and help to grow the fruits (profit). The tree brings life not only to itself but provides shade, shelter and life for those nearby.  A kingdom business provides not only for itself, but has a mission in the world.  

It's Time To Level Up!

Anna Kidd is the CEO of Harford Attachments Ltd.  In this short video she explains how Business Breakthrough sessions, mentoring and timeline sessions have made an impact in her business.

Through divine inspiration and real-time breakthroughs, her business has changed and grown strong in just a few short months.  

Personally Anna has grown in confidence and leadership skills.  Employee satisfaction has improved and the business has grown stronger and more defined in its focus and direction.

Anna Kidd, Harford Attachments Ltd

How We Help You Grow

In the 6 week prophetic consultation package Alaric will cover the 4 key areas below.

Each of these areas are important to the growth of you and your business. As well as the 30 min long consultation sessions, you will also receive 1 entrepreneurial timeline session, which will be your second session. (see below for more information)

Core Values

I will help you establish your core values, identity and DNA as a business...


I will help you define & establish smart goals for future prosperity and business growth...


I will give you the keys to identifying blockages and obstacles and getting breakthrough with prophetic insight..


I will help you build a healthy and happy team environment, prepared for growth...

Entrepreneurial Timeline

Your second session with Alaric will be a 90 minute + Entrepreneurial timeline session.   In this session we will be taking an in-depth look at the history of your entrepreneurial journey.  We will discuss the positive and negative events that have shaped your company and discover your unique business identity.  Together we will look at cycles of obstruction to prosperity and shine a light on disappointment and failures seeing where they have taught us valuable lessons, or held us back. The Timeline session will leave you with a renewed vision & goals, helping you to move forward in business with confidence and positive expectations.

  • Review your entrepreneurial timeline
  • Close doors to disappointment and failures
  • Unlock places of favour and influence
  • Identify patterns of breakthrough
  • Redefine purpose and mission
  • ​Break negative cycles

Corma Holmes

Founder Of Social Faces Ltd

"Failure and disappointment had me stuck in one place for more than 3 years.  However, in justone session I found the key to use that experience and move on.  It was like being handed a very small key to open a very large door!"

The Discovery Call

I offer a FREE 15 min discovery call to help you find out how Business Breakthrough Consultations can help you get clarity, confidence and breakthrough for your business. It is also an opportunity for me to understand the challenges you are facing and get a sense of who you are and what you want to achieve.  

If it is a right fit, you will be offered the opportunity to work with me and start your journey to making positive change.

Tick if you agree that Alaric Hunt can contact you via this email - Your personal details will never be shared with other organisations or individuals

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